Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Books, Baking and a Bunny!

I've been 2.5 weeks without internet... without Ravelry... without crochet inspiration... with boxes up to my ears... and nary a moment to crochet!!


It wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be (fortunately) and I have somehow had the time to read, bake, spend time with overly-fussy-stressed-from-moving children and a even squeeze in a tiny bit of hooky to boot!

I even have evidence of it all! Look:


I made it all the way through the book on the top, part way into the book in the middle (sequel to the first) and even managed another chapter in that bottom book. Priorities, people, priorities- Dr.Phil knows his stuff, but fantasy is better than reality, I swear it to you! LOL


Blueberry Quick Bread (modified to 1/3 recipe for a loaf instead of a bundt and used mixed berries instead of just blueberries) and what remains (24 hours later!) of the Banana-Pecan Bread (sans nuts). Both come from the New Good Housekeeping Book. I can't recommend that book enough for baking. Every recipe I've used from this thing has worked perfectly!!!


He is a HEAVILY modified of the very popular pattern here, as indicated by his demure size:
He's all lopsided and holey and face-less, but there's just something about him that already makes me wanna love on him!!

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  1. Hi Claire just found and am now following your blog. Found you through Sucrettes poncho cal on Ravelry, love your poncho and the little rabbit is so cute :)

  2. Love the little bunny! Did you just move?

  3. Thank you Linda! I hope to "see" you around :)

    Sue, we did just move. Twice in the last month actually, and three times this year!!

  4. So cute amirgurumi! I love bunnies :)

  5. Your bunny is super cute - sure would be a challenge that small.
    well done on getting some reading in amongst all that moving.

  6. Sometimes a lopsided bunny is the best kind. <3 I love yours, I think he's adorable (and YAY for making patterns smaller! ;) I am giving you a virtual high five for that.)

    I always find non-internet time equal parts relaxing/productivity-inducing and really frustrating, so I'm glad that (a) you got to do some reading and delicious baking and playing with kids and (b) you now have the internet back.

  7. Love the bunny. We're in the process of packing...not looking forward to it. Glad you're getting settled. Thanks for sharing on my WIP Wednesday.


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