Friday, April 6, 2012

Finished: Sucrette's Granny Poncho

So, here it is, in all it's glory :)

In honesty, I still have to weave in the ends and add the flower I made, but it's 95% done, and that's good enough to just call "done", right?!

Biggest was super happy about it and said she is going to wear it This was after jumping, screaming, and vibrating in happiness, none of which I expected! Love when my hard work is appreciated :)

Apparently, it is best when worn in conjunction with some groovy disco dancing...

Or running around the front yard!!!

*Pattern: Sucrette's Granny Poncho
*Yarn Used: Red Heart Soft Yarn
*Colours used: Navy, Berry, Teal, Off White, Grape and Turquoise (from the neckline down).
*Total yarn used: Maybe 2.5 or 3 balls. I used almost half a ball of each of the 6 colours.
*Time spent: about 15 hours (but this included a rough start, and the making of a flower... and all that weaving of ends that I still need to do...)

Thanks for taking a peek, and if you are interested in making your own poncho, you can find Angie's CAL groups via Ravelry, Flickr and her blog, Le monde de Sucrette (just click the links!) :)

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  1. I love the poncho, but I think its owner loves it more! So cute!!!!

  2. Perfect for groovy disco dancing. She looks adorable.

    P.S. Life has been particularly crazy this last week and I have not yet mailed your giveaway prize (so sorry for the delay!). It should go out Monday or Tuesday.

  3. clair.
    thank you for that super sweet comment you left.
    you are a doll.
    i am glad that i have some greensubmarine fan make the switch.


  4. Oh my gosh, the disco dancing photo! I love it. :D I also love the poncho, which looks awesome all finished up (and it's totally done enough to call "done" without all the final ends-weaving. I decree it.) Great colours and the pattern is really intriguing.

  5. I am featuring you tomorrow in my I Love Fridays link party!! Feel free to drop by and grab a button :)

  6. Kathleen, I can't actually get her to take it off long enough to weave in the ends!! LOL

    Kara, thank you soooo much!!


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