Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Love

My crochet mojo continues to flourish :)

Another dig through my stash and I have the final piece for the baby gift I have been working on (you can see the other posts by clicking here and here.)

Now, I this hat was worked completely at random. I randomly decided what colour would be wored and whether I would work a single, half double, or double row...

Loved the freedom of those choices... even if the colours in the bottom 9 rows are mirrored over that purple dc round!! ha! Even my subconscious can't let it be too random!! :)

Of course, after the first hat, I needed to add those hearts again... 

I think that these hearts are just tooooo cute for these baby hats. Flowers are so last year, haven't you heard?!

Heart pattern was from here

Thank you so much for having a look :)
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  1. Hey Claire! I don't know how I missed your blog until now. I'm definitely random-impaired myself. The little hat looks great - random but not chaotic. I like the echo of the colour placement at the top of the hat. Have you ever messed around with Fibonacci sequences for stripes? I usually fall back on them (because I'm also stripe-impaired). :)

  2. I have heard of Fibonacci sequences, but have never tried to apply them to crochet! I will definitely look into it, as I have some stripe-heavy items coming up, and I could certainly use help! Thanks for coming by :)

  3. Yes, those hearts are lovely, and a change from flowers. I love the stripe sequences you chose. A really lovely make!

    Fleur xx

  4. What an adorable little hat!!


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