Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who Do You Love?

Now, I know some people save V-Day for their significant other, but me and Hubby, well, just never really got into it as a routine kind of thing. Instead, I've always tried to set a little something out for the kiddo, just to remind her how much we love her :)

For full disclosure here, I didn't really have anything planned this year. I was literally going to go to the $ store the day of and give her a trinket-y gift when she came home from school. How sad is that? Luckily for me, I was writing about the owl purses when it struck me...

Make her a bag of her own!

And boy, did she ever like it :) I was going to try making an owl with hearts for eyes, but once I finished testing out the hearts, I realized I liked it just how it was!!!

I used the same inspirations I did for the owl bags, but put a valentine twist on it. The heart pattern comes from here, and is amazingly simple! Then I added a little frill along the top and it was done!

I tell you, all these recent projects have given me a new respect for the art of applique! It is so hard to sew everything on and not contort it and have a complete mess of stitches inside!!!

Thanks for stopping in! Be sure to check out what every one else is working on at Tami's and Beth's. And check out iCrochet too- a wealth of hooky goodness there!

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  1. The bag is very cute, amazing how you can make something of your own from inspirations of something else. I am glad your little one liked it :)

  2. Adorable little purse. The owl ones are cute too! I love icrochet as well and post my links there too.

  3. iCrochet is like Pinterest for hookers! Love it!


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