Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pokemon Brings my Mojo Back!

Oh, how I miss crafting.
Oh, how I miss crocheting.
Oh, how I miss the ability to have a shower without an hour of prep to get baby situated first...

Woe is me!!! (I tell ya, hubby will never be taken for granted again! His absence may not be "making my heart fonder," but it is surely making me miss the extra set of hands around here!!)

That said, I did, in fact, recently accomplish something. Nothing that I had planned to be hooking. Instead, it was something fantastic. Something totally fun and unplanned. Something actually liked by the little boy I made it for!!!
Behold, the Pokemon-Trainer-Wrist-Band-Poke-Ball-Holder-Thingy (I have no idea, this is coming from a boy obsessed with Pokemon, two things I know nothing about!!!) Party Favours:

I made red ones for the boys and pink ones were for the girls! But of course, I didn't plan on writing a post on these, so you only get a pic of the pink one my daughter received!!

They, surprisingly, turned out better than I had expected. It's a rare day when that happens! :) It's definitely given me my crocheting mojo again, and I have quite a few WIPs right now that I'll be sharing soon :) Yay!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to look at what everyone else is working on at Marni'sBeth's and Tami's!!!

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  1. Wow! Making these as party favors! Awesome! I hope there weren't toooo many kids at the party :)

  2. Not tooo many- just ten! It was fun to have a set goal, and a deadline too :)


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