Saturday, February 18, 2012

Owl Be Wishing...

You a Happy Birthday!

Well, unfortunately not you in particular, but instead the two little girls who are going to be receiving these as gifts this month:

Little owl purses to hold little girl things.

I am so tickled with these. There are a ton of these types of bags around to inspire a person to create. Like this, this, this and this! There's something about this little owl face slapped on the side of a teeny tiny girl's bag that just screams "oh-my-look-how-cute-that-is" and I definitely wanted to jump on that wagon!

These have been the funnest thing I've made for a long time. This project was certainly what brought the happy-to-have-a-hook-in-my-hand feeling back! Com'on, just look at those big white eyes... you're smiling, aren't you? Ya, I know you are!

So much happy, fun, creative energy flowing right now! Can't wait to show you more creations!

Thank you for stopping in and having a peek :) Hope it was a hoot!
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