Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Plodding Along

School has started :( Which means I have more time to craft due to Small Child being in class. But it also means I have no time to crochet because I am trying to entertain Tiniest all day :) Oxymoron much?!

I have been squeezing in what I can, when I can. Here's a few things I've been up to recently:

I altered the motif I was working on in my last post. I just wasn't in love with it, so I fiddled until I was in a more serious "like" with it. My corners ended up being a little wonky, but I think the end result is workable, even though it made a very wonky blanket:

And Tiniest got a kick out of playing with all the squares when I laid them out: 

I don't think she'll mind if the blanket is a little curly around the edges :)

Made up a few bits for a birthday present... had to work pretty fast, as I had the gift from a party we missed in July and it still had "water/beach" toys in it... a little late for that in this hemisphere I'm afraid :D

A name banner. Seems to be a great little something for kids' gifts. What kid doesn't love getting something with their name on it, right?! 

De-stashed a couple tie-on headbands. So very easy to make :)

And finally embellished one of my WIP's so I could gift that as well.

I was assured that the gifts were well received. The little girl in question even took to wearing the toque around the house all afternoon, just as it was, with the mis-matched decorations and all :) I absolutely love to hear when a hand made gift is well received, rather than left to languish in some dark corner, never to be seen again.... 

Many more things to work on, so I will continue to plod away as best I can, getting things done before the big move :)

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  1. You've been very busy. I've been experiencing the joy of giving a child something with their name on this week as well. They just love it don't they!

  2. Great projects....I love the blanket squares!

    Good luck with your move....at least it's not to florida with all the creepy crawlies :-)

  3. Oh wow, I think that square is amazing! The blanket is just great. Now you've gone and made me feel lazy, I've only finished a hat and a half this week. Must get to work!

  4. Thanks so much gals :) In all honesty, this is actually two weeks worth of crafting... more, if you counted the fact that the hat was a de-stashing item!! And really, I still like getting things with my name on it too :P


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