Friday, September 23, 2011

Flower Headband

A quick little post for this morning. Not much to say, but a cute little headband to show:

I was just playing with my hook yesterday, taking a little break from making my blanket and this is what managed to work it's way out of my head and off of the hook. Made it for myself, but realized that because it ties on, it would work for any size head :) She definitely wears it better than me :P

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  1. So sweet!!
    Although I'm sure it would look cute on a grown-up too!!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute is this photo! (and the headband itself is awesome, I love the flufftastic flower and the colour. It's always so much fun to just...make something out of your head, especially when it turns out this well.)

  3. That is really cute, nice color choice. I was reading online ( I think) that flowered headbands for baby girls are pretty in right now. They are a nice accessory.

  4. Thats a very adorable headband, and she totally suits it too!

  5. This is too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

    I wish I knew how to crochet cute stuff...I can make like the longest scarf in the world, but that's about it, lol!

    new follower from the link-up!

  6. Thank you all very much :) There will certainly be more of these, they are so fun, and easy to make- way easier than a scarf Fifi!!

  7. So cute glad you like the wallpaper and mat,
    l'll paste it to the wall one day B&Q's best
    Hugs x


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