Monday, September 19, 2011

Comfy Cowl and Toque

I was going to title this post "comfy cowl combo," but figured I could captivate a larger audience with a "toque" reference :) For those who don't know, we crazy Canadians call winter hats, be they beanies, slouchy hats or any other warm head wear, a "toque" (pronounced took- like spook, not like book)! I have no idea why we do, but it sure sounds more interesting than "hat" now doesn't it?!

Without further ado:

I am in LOVE with this cowl. I was sitting at the comp, thinking of how I was going to use up my yarns, and the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. Faster than you could say "crochet" I had the yarn out and was stitching away:)

I used a strand of grey Phentex "Fashion Twenty-Three" in the colourway Soft Slate, and a strand of  Red Heart Designer Sport in Celadon. Stitched with a 9mm hook. If I had a bigger hook, I would have used it to achieve a better drape. Alas, I do not, but this is certainly wearable as-is! All it is is doubles worked the short way (13 stitches), and then slip stitched together moebius-style when I had the length I wanted. Easy peasy!

The hat took me a little while. I had originally only done the cowl, but then I seen this set done by Calophi and decided I needed to make a hat too!

Now, after some thinking, I decided I didn't want anything too "matchy" and I also wanted something that would appeal to someone other than myself, as I have hopes of selling and/or gifting these. A quick look on Ravelry (well, as quick as you can browse through over 1000 free patterns anyways :P), and I decided to use this pattern (Rav link), both because I thought I could make it mostly out of the green, with the grey as an accent, and because I have never worked a hat in this method (I've only ever made hats from the top down!) before and I was up for a new challenge!

Here is the toque:

I was slightly peaved with this pattern. Albeit I am using a different yarn, my gauge was correct to the pattern specs, but I still had to alter the pattern in both the brim and in the crown forming, otherwise this would have been a hugely tall toque :P On the other hand, I'm kind of loving the slight "flapper"-esque feel of this toque! You can tell it a little better when it is being worn:

(Do you all know how hard it is to take a decent pic of yourself?? Holy moly, these are the best shots out of 20-odd pics!! The first is true to colour, the second is a little better in that you can see the whole cowl! )

** P.S.**
Be sure to stop by over the next few weeks, as I craft towards getting my stash used up :) A few upcoming posts will include:
How to fold a Starghan nice and square. (It can be done!!)

Sherberty/rainbowy blanket update.

Yummy scrummy baby goodies for fall. (You'll love the pudgy goodness!!)
Halloween crafts with and for kids. 

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  1. I'm so glad you've told me how to pronounce 'toque'- I had imagined it as 'toak' to rhyme with 'oak'!!
    Anyhoo- love the cowl (so soothing to crochet, aren't they?) and the toque is very sweet- and suits you.
    And yes, I laughed at you saying how hard it is to take a great pic of yourself- I am all wonky mouth, crooked nose and wrinkles when I try, so I try to cut out my face!! It STILL takes aaaaaaages to get a decent shot!!
    Have a great week.

  2. So funny to look back on all the "attempts" though- Mine were all nostrils and closed eyes :P


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