Friday, August 5, 2011

Whistle While You Work

Which would be nice if I could whistle! Whistling seems nice and soothing, so if I could, I would have whistled as I finish off projects in between trying to fit a 500sq.m. (1500sq.ft). home into a 80 sq.m. (250sq.ft.) home. (Ah, look at me, busting out the metric like a Good Canadian!) Boy, do I need some stress relief!

So, all whistling aside, I made a bag in which to put an awkwardly shaped gift:

I realized at this point that the image in my head, wasn't really working out. OH! I thought to myself...

I need some contrast to make those stitches pop. So I stuck a piece of paper in behond to see what a lining could accomplish. Then I realised it was dark thirty in the morning, and my sewing skills are at at sub-par standard right now anyways, so I chose to cross stitch over the blocks to make the letters stand out:

Ah! Much better. Overall I am satisfied with this project. The picture looks good, but in reality, the stitches kind of blended in, and there wasn't quite enough contrast to make that H really pop like I had envisioned. As well, I think handles versus a drawstring would make it handier after the gifting has been done.With some minor tweaking, I think I will be using it in the future:)

Not much for spare time around these parts recently, but I try to sneak a little time in when Baby is napping and Small Child is playing quietly. Lots of little side projects happening, and lots of photos being taken, but precious little time to sit down and blog about it! Should be back soon though, with fun things to share!

I'll likely be sharing this over with Beth's Fibers on Fridays, and Tami's Finished Object Fridays!! Be sure you go check out who else is sharing their projects this week!!!

edit to add: just found another party (via FoF from last week) to join that looks like a fun group. Click below to see all the crafty goodness over there. Maybe some time in the future I will party over there myself!!

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  1. May be you should have chosen a darker colored thread for the H. That would have made the H stand out better. Anywhy this is good. I like this idea of cross stitching the design. Thanks for your lovely comments in my blog. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I never thought to do a darker colour- that's a great idea, I'll be sure to try it soon! Thanks so much for stopping by, you have a wonderful blog.

  3. I'm sorry the H doesn't stand out as much as you wanted, but it looks great! Really pretty fillet work, and I like the idea of this being a gift bag, so much cooler than a paper one from the drugstore!

  4. That's exactly what I was thinking as I stood in front of the gift wrap display at Walmart, trying to decide if I should buy this one for $4 or that one for $5, and knowing it would just be tossed anyways!!!

  5. I'm a great fan of gift bags you can use again.
    I think it's a fab idea to make an initial on it.


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