Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making {some} progress....

Albeit not very much!

More tinkering and toying with the webbed square. I think I hate it :( I have a friend who should appreciate something made of this Halloween-esque goody though (with Halloween being her fave holiday and all), so I shall persevere, just for her... Oh ya, and she does come by and read my blog occasionally so, um, Becky, if you read this, ignore it all, mmmkay???

Trying to get through some of my stash. I wanted to sell some FO's at a local market, but the organizer never got back to me :( Now, I have no idea what to do with everything I make! My girls can only keep so much, as we have extremely limited space, and I only know so many people who would genuinely "appreciate" the effort behind these items! I would like to donate them locally, but again, don't know where they would be welcomed!

Here's what I've been working on:

 Still working on the seamless earflap toques I alluded to back in this post.

 A big ol' stack of toques with nowhere to go...

 Working on some squares for a "girly" blanket. This motif comes from an old (70's or 80's) "Quick'n'Easy Crocheting" binder series.

And a starghan. Working out the border situation now. Don't know if I want to finish it at this point, add a final round of white, or do one more full round and then finish it. What do you think?

I'm going to try and remember to link this up with Tami's Amis and Everyday Crochet. Please stop by and leave some comments for everyone there!

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 ETA: Ambassador Crochet does a WIP linky too! Click below to go there!

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  1. Aw, too bad that webbed square is getting you down. It's such a great idea!

  2. I'm a little jealous of all the fabulous things you've got going right now! That starghan is gorgeous, and i actually like it as-is, with the thinner blue border. So my vote is to weave in the ends and call it an FO. :D

    As for donating your items (albeit not locally), I just joined a group on Ravelry that sends stuff to a Lakota Indian reservation where the need for...everything is great, and they'll take any colours/fibre content/type of project. I'm making up some washcloths for their August/September washcloth project, and I might do some hats, too. I'd be happy to link you if you're interested. :)

  3. The starghan is coming out so well.

  4. I will continue plugging away at the webbed square even if it kills me :) I was leaning towards a white border on the starghan, but I think you are right in leaving it blue:) I think I am going to try and find something locally first, Kathleen, but if that doesn't pan out for me, I will be in contact with you!

  5. Love them all! If you need a place to donate the hats, I have a friend here in Ohio that takes them for the homeless. You'd have to pay to ship them, but I know she'd appreciate them.

    Oh, and nope, what I'm working on isn't a hat!

  6. what is an FO? What is a toque?
    I love the blue star.

  7. Oh my, Marsha, I'm sorry! I usually remember to make a note that we Canadians call winter beanie-style hats "toques"!! And an FO is a Finished Object.

    Marie Anne, I will be in touch if I can't find a home for these! Thank you for your suggestion!

  8. The hats might be appreciated at a cancer ward ... they look like chemo caps.

    I love the blue star! I'd leave it with blue on the outside.

  9. Nice work, it is nice to finish stuff. I love the green and blue striped hat. And the star is cool.

  10. Thanks so much. I think after looking at the blanket that I am going to leave it blue on the last round. Now I just have to decide if I need to add another full round to make it bigger!

    I'm going to see about dropping the hats off at the women's shelter- probably just in a box with "free handmade hats" or something written on it! Seems one of the easier ideas, as our local hospital does not accept handmade donations in the cancer ward :(

  11. I just love your hats!! The ear-warmer design is just so brilliant!
    Love all your crochet goodies here- you are one clever laydeeeeeeee!
    Have a great week.

  12. Your projects look great but the star is truly amazing! I love it!


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