Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Riddance Wayward WIP's

A while back I posted the bane of my crocheting existence... eleven WIPS!!! (You can click that link to see where I had gotten with each project.)

See them all:

Now say "good riddance":

1. Headbands- Trashed. I like the ones I made using embroidery floss considerably better, so these first "test" pieces are goners.
2. Two completed toques- Still awaiting embellishment.
3. Hat- Frogged.
4. Hat- Frogged.
5. Two "test" slippers- Trashed. Decided to follow a pattern this time around :P 
6, 7  and 9. Panels for baby blanket- No progress. Going to be frogged... eventually.
8. Scrap ball to make a Starghan- Getting bigger :)
10. Eyelash&cotton mess- Frogged.
11. Skirt for Small Child- Frogged that one too!! Again, would use a pattern if I was to try this kind of thing again. Don't know if that will be anytime soon, seeing as Small Child has enough clothing to cover.

I had also found a bunch of panels made from the first attempt at making my Hubby's blanket (which he is loving by the way!) while I was cleaning and re-organizing my stash. I didn't think to take pictures was too lazy/comfy to get up once I started unwinding, so I have no "before" pics, but I promptly frogged them as well:

Got to work with that yarn right away: 
4 test "swatches" done, and the last was a success. It's a little something Halloween-esque... more on it later :) 

*Probably linking up at Tami's WIP Wednesday (head over on Wednesdays to see what everyone is working on, and on Fridays to see what everyone has finished) and Beth's (great fiber-related linking every Friday!!)

**This post was inspired by War on WIPs from the Delusional Knitter. What a great idea!!!

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  1. My WIP stash looks very similar.
    I keep thinking, must actually finish something and not start anything else.
    Just doesn't happen!
    Great post.

  2. I have so many unfinished projects. And so many bookmarked that I want to try. Currently, I am sticking with pretty pouches, dishcloths, doilies and can cozies as they are easy and can be finished in 30 minutes or less. I have no idea what I'll do with all of them but at least I feel productive. :) Hope your day is great. Tammy

  3. I tell you it's SOOO satisfying to just be done with them!!! I really should have finished dealing with the entire pile, but I too, got dragged into something new... and I too have a ton of bookmarks, so there's no lack of things I would rather be doing then frogging my work!!!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes weirdly enjoys frogging old failed projects. It's almost like getting new yarn!

    I'm glad you've reduced your never-gonna-happen WIP pile, and I can't wait to see more about the Halloween-esque project. :D

  5. There's actually something really nice about letting go of projects that are unwanted/unfinished/not worth trying to do anything with! Good for your for frogging those and starting on some new projects you love!!

    ~ Sarah


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