Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grannies squares and slippers, but not granny square slippers.

I really tried to come up with a wittier title for this post, but I've only got half a cup of tea into me today so the humour is definitely sub-par right now!

So, for the past few nights I have been quite productive!

I have a total of three squares, in varying states of progress, for my blanket:

Top left is a plain, old granny. Top right is the Yarn Clouds Square. Bottom is square 15 from the book 63 Easy-to-Crochet Stitches by Darla Sims. I'm torn with what to do with these squares. For some reason I had this thought in my head that 12 inch squares have the same number of stitches in the final row. I couldn't be more wrong, and I knew this was the case, but I had a momentary lack of intelligence! I don't know what I am going to do now to get them to "fit" together, or if I should start again, but make sure to pick ones that all end with the same number of stitches...

Onward and forthward....

I've ventured out of my comfort zone of blankets and toques some more, and decided to make Small Child a pair of slippers. This the first base for a pair of slippers done for Small Child, using a pattern from Red Heart Creature Comforts:

I am using I used the largest "children's" size in the pattern, plus a 5mm instead of the 4mm hook called for and still her big foot is too wide to fit on that sole properly! I am worried that making the smallest adult size will be too long in order to get a proper width, so I am going to experiment with widening the sole at the ball of the foot, and see what happens.

I also decided to work on a one-piece, no-joining toque with ear flaps for the baby, and made a mock-up that worked surprisingly well:
I will definitely be working on this in the future, and will have modeled pics as soon as said model is not being a grumpy little meat sack!!!

Last, but not least, are the potholders, which are still being tweaked, seen below with an extra round and no loop, awaiting a back to be stitch on:

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  1. Love them all! That cloud square looks really interesting, I may have to check that out.

    As for the squares having different number of stitches in finished row, can you put a SS or SC border around each, and perhaps skipping or adding a stitch to make them even out? I'm not sure how that would look, but it's worth a try.

  2. Interesting slipper pattern; but with this heat wave the thought of woollen slippers makes me swoon!

  3. Fortunately, I live in Canada, and the heat wave here has been, well, less than anticipated! It's been dreary and wet, and the perfect weather for slippers!

    I was thinking of the same idea for the squares, and forcing them to the right size, but I am uncertain if I would like the looks of them with uneven borders! I do SO love that Yarn Clouds square though, that I have been seriously considering making one huge granny out of that for the blanket:)

    Thank you both so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I will be checking everyone's projects tonight after the little are in bed:)

  4. I LOVE the yarn clouds square! I will definitely be trying that one out! I love the colours you are using too! Good luck with the slippers, I made some socks once and it was a disaster!

  5. Hi, Claire!
    Found you via Sarita's Rainbow Bunting and I'm so glad top be here! Just this post has got me hooked (s'cuse the pun) already. Love the colours in those Grannie- look forward to seeing what you do with them.
    And the slippers? It's funny because I was toying with making a pair, so will check out your link. (will also add to my verrrrrrry long list of to-do's)
    Anyhoo, am latest follower so I can keep in touch. Am off to get a cuppa and have a browse through your other things.
    If you have time, do pop over and visit my end of bloggyland- I love a bit of crochet too.
    Have a great weekend

  6. Oh, a word to the interested- If you do the yarn clouds square, the colour repeat is every second row. Looks much, much nicer if the foundation and the "cloud" portion are the same colour!!

    Thank you so much for your comments. My first slippers were disastrous too; this time I decided to *follow* the pattern!

    Sarita's blog is beautiful and colourful and SO happy:) Love her stuff too. I have more stuff I want to do than I can shake a crochet hook at!! Ravelry does not help!!:)

  7. I don't knit- mostly because it's hard to drink wine and shoot at the neighbors while knitting- but I love your writing and this title made me giggle alot and maybe pee a little.


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