Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Good, Bad and Ugly

The good is the fact that I got some free yarn, as I said in my previous post.

The bad is in that it was mostly shitty yarn, and after working through it, I may or may not have found some little outgrown exoskeletons:( {Just a little extra info on that, I HATE crawly little bug things getting up in my space. Fine with them in the outdoors, but holy nastiness in my house. EW, GROSS, DISGUSTING.}

 I almost didn't make it through. But I persevered, chucked the balls with any kind of buggy grossness (which, surprisingly, were the nasty-textured, no-good-to-use balls anyways!)

The ugly is this dishmat I made for myself:

Inspiration from this HERE, at Scotty's Place. I strayed from the pattern by only doing the first of the pattern rows, and then a row of singles across. I used a size 4mm hook, which ended up being too small. This mat has NO drape whatsoever, but I guess for a dishmat that's not necessarily a "bad" thing:)

The texture is, indeed, very nice, even with only having one textured row (had I followed the pattern, both sides would be the same):

I didn't pay close attention to my stitch count, so it's a little crooked. I added a couple rows of singles around the outside edge, with hdc, and dc where needed to fill out the ragged edge. Unfortunately, in doing so, I knew I wouldn't have enough of any one colour to finish a row, so I just winged it, and made it even uglier. I think it adds to it's overall 70's-esque nasty wonderfulness!!

It's in the wash right now, but I will have a FO picture to show you when it comes out. Tomorrow hopefully, so I can link up to a party or two:)

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  1. Doesn't look so bad to me. :) I'm still a novice at crochet even though I started when I was 20. Patterns are beyond me sometimes. When there are too many rows and instructions, my eyes glaze over. I stick with simple projects that I can finish quickly, that way I feel a sense of accomplishment, and can pretend I know what I am doing. Ha! Have a great week. Tammy


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