Thursday, July 14, 2011

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

So the saying goes...

It came to thought just now, as I was preparing to type up this post, and I thought it befitting the situation.

My husband is a man of many trades, and wheeling and dealing is about the best of them :) In one of his many escapades, he came home with a trailer in which to stash his tools. The cloud comes in the fact that after all was said and done, he ended up spending twice as much as was anticipated on said trailer, and had to remove a bunch of garbage/useful junk out of it as well:( The silver lining comes in the fact that inside said trailer was a grocery bag full of yarn.

Vintage yarn.

Now, don't go getting too excited. I know I kinda lead you on there, but the yarn is acrylic, so it's not as wonderful as it could have been, but as the saying goes "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" and free yarn is, after all, free yarn!!

Here's a picture of it all, mostly remnants, but a couple or nearly full skeins as well:

Most of it is shitty shitty yarn. Rough, splitty, and no good to work with! The good stuff is about 1/4 of that above there pile.

Now, here's an interesting bit:

An old Woolworth's price tag, faded, but you can still see that "W" hanging out in the back there:)

And then there's this yarn:

(I never knew Sears/The Bay/Baycrest ever made yarn. Dude, this stuff must be old!!! I tried researching it, but no luck through Google!)

Now, what really had me laughing was the back of the Baycrest label. I will let you see that for yourself:

Yep, a seal of quality on a ball of yarn!! Those must have been the days! I wonder when the "Retail Research Foundation of Canada" stopped doing laboratory tests!! I am almost peeing my pants on this folks, I am laughing so hard!!! I wonder, did the US have a "RRF of America"??? Or did only us snotty Canucks put our yarns through such rigorous testing?

Now, me and my certified yarn are already making nice, so I'll have a few things to show you in the next little while.

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