Friday, June 24, 2011

Umm... been a while! A quick hello:)

This month has been busy for my family and me! We've been busy with end-of-school-year preparations, planning for summer activities, looking for jobs, selling our accumulated "stuff", planning out the book we want to write and then trying to keep up with a 6-year-old and a growing baby, so there hasn't been much time for crafty-ness! And boy, am I ever feeling it!

So, when it came up that Small Child had a few birthdays to attend, I jumped on the idea of getting my craft on and making the gifts. Now, for me, this is easier said than done, as I am a crocheted touque or scarf person, so gifting hand-made things in the winter is much easier than summer gifting for me. But I decided to persevere, think beyond the cold and into the heat.... and then go Google my butt off!!! :)

As luck would have it, one of the blogs I read featured Tangled Happy's Hopscotch Bean Bags. Golly, I was saved! I am working on these tonight (to gift tomorrow, because I procrastinate like that!). To top it off I will be adding a diagram like this:

printed out on cardstock and a package of chalk. A cute little tag that says "Mommy told you not to throw rocks- handmade Hopscotch Beanbags" will make sure that the meaning is clear about their usage, as even my own daughter didn't really get what these were at first!!

If I have the motivation, I might put together a name banner like one of these:

as well, because little kids love things with their names on them, right??!!

I like the more non-traditional ideas of a stick-to-the-wall banner like the first one, and the second one can be used as the birthday card, with Small Child's wishes to the birthday girl written right on the back. We'll see though, it will all depend how much coffee I drink and therefore what inhuman hour I stay up 'til!!! 

Will post sometime soon with the finished results!!
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  1. Ooh, I love those hopscotch beanbags! I may have to make some just as decorative objects. And they're a really sweet gift idea, especially with a "mommy told you not to throw rocks" note, which cracks me up! :D

  2. Thanks Kathleen! Using them as decoration would be uber cute, in a glass vase or as paperweights especially:)


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