Friday, June 3, 2011

Not Quite a Square a Day in May... Wrap-Up & Other Tiddly-Bits

Well, other than it being a spectacular failure with a capital "F," in regards to crocheting every day anyways, I did get some things done so I won't consider it a waste of time...

I would like to blame it on these two pieces of cuteness:

But in all honesty, they were only 50% of the distraction. The other 50% comes in the form of Spring Cleaning. Let's just say that I found a room in my house that I didn't even know had a floor!! Yep, our office-turned-storage room is now reverting back to it's former self. It's slow going, but it's happening:)

In other crafty news, my sister bought me a Cricut. I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, but do I ever have some ideas. I LOVE the freezer paper stenciled t-shirts I've seen done, so I will have to take a try at them! Plus with all the paper applications, I will be busy with it for hours and hours creating cards and scrapbook layouts. My hubby is mad she got if for me though because he's been trying to buy me one since they very first came out -he did the same when the Blackberry first came out too:)- but I consoled him by saying he could get the Sure-Cuts-A-Lot program for it:) 

I also received a bin full of misc. crafting goodies, patterns, books, fabric, etc. Everything has been sorted and Febreezed (unfortunately it all came from the home of a smoker), and is ready for creating. Totally awesome in and of itself, but also inside was the book I used as a kid to learn how to make friendship bracelets... This book here:

found at BuggsBooks

which I have been looking for, but couldn't remember the author's name. So grateful to our friend. As well there was some vintage Brownie (of the Girl Scout kind, not the edible kind) books in there that should prove to be quite interesting:) 

Well, that's more or less it for now. I don't know what June will hold in way of time to be productive. My days will be spent mostly loving on my niece (I watch her 4 days a week) before my sister's family re-locates to a new city... The remainder of the days will be spent organizing and cleaning before summer hits and coming up with ideas to entertain a 6 year old for two whole, uninterrupted months!!! 

Here's to accomplishing something in June!!!

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  1. I do love June. I use to have a huge passion for making friendship bracelets. How much fun!

  2. I couldn't stop making them when I was about 13 years old! Actually, the thread I have been using to make the crocheted headbands are mostly stash from that time too!


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