Friday, June 3, 2011

Not Quite a Square a Day in May... 3

Well, I was making good progress for a while there. And then life happened!!! Don't we all know how that is?!

Anyways, here's a quick pic (I will get better one's later):

I decided to start the potholders. After much deliberation, I decided to just wing it and do my own thing. Front post doubles throughout, finished with a cluster stitch edging. Def. need better pic to show of it's texture, and therefore insulating, properties... oh ya, and to test them to make sure they actually work:)

The blanket isn't what I had originally planned, but I figured if I didn't just dive in and do SOMETHING, the damn thing would never get done! So I just picked up the yarn and hook, and went at it. Surprisingly, for Granny Squares being the "it" thing of crochet, I actually don't have any in my house yet, so I feel this will be a good addition to the crochet collection around here!

A couple more headbands are done. Trying to come up with colour combos and patterns that I want to repeat. I think I am going to try one with a shell stitch next and see how that looks. Did work out how to make it reasonably adjustable using a hair tie too (the vertical one in the pic above). Working a little more on that idea too to see where it can go and to check it's practical applications/looks.

I actually did this post on May 18th, and just added the pic and posted now... how sad is that???

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  1. Those potholders look awesome, I always like post-stitch double crochets in the round like that, it creates such a cool texture. I hope they work well, too. :)

    And the colours on your Granny Square are sherbert-perfect, I love them.

  2. Thanks Kathleen! I did use the potholder, but I think I will be doubling them up, *just in case*! That is a great description for the granny square colours! I was going for "rainbow" but I think I like the sound of it being "Claire's Sherbert Blanket" even better:)


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