Friday, May 6, 2011

Word Verification- Just DON'T Do It!!!!

If you have a Blogger account DON'T USE WORD VERIFICATION!!

WHY??? Here's why:

** It's annoying. I've been being a good fellow blogger today, and have been commenting on the other links in some linky parties, and I've had enough of this annoyingness (this is my word creation spurred on by the wacky pseudo-words that I've come across today)!

** It turns some people off from commenting. They will come to your blog, and go to leave a comment, notice you have word verification, and will not comment on your blog again, just because they can't be bothered with it. It's not your fault, it's not that your stuff isn't interesting or worthy of praise, but people are inherently LAZY, and just won't bother.

** People may be leaving you comment that you don't even know about because they posted a comment but missed filling out the verification, so it never made it through to you. (I can NOT tell you how often this was happening to me cuz I just wasn't looking for it!!!)

Blogger has a VERY good spam detection system now. It was introduced a while ago.

Cheri, at Cheri Quite Contrary (isn't that a witty blog name?!), has a VERY informative post about it HERE.

If you still have word verification, you need to go check out that post. Even if you *think* you don't have it, go read the post and make sure you don't.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the tips of my toes (which go numb from sitting so long filling out word verifications by the way!!).

P.S. For those of you who comment on MY blog, you will notice that although I do not have word verification, I do have it set so that your comment needs to be moderated first. This is not to avoid spammers, but so I catch every comment left and therefore actually respond to it because I don't read my own blog, and would never know if someone left a comment otherwise :)

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  1. I hear you on the comment verification I turned mine off awhile ago. What bugs me about it is with some of the comment layouts on Blogger the verification doesn't show up until after hitting the post comment button. That's almost sneaky, not knowing about the verification until after taking the time to write a comment.

    I turned on email notifications, so all comments are emailed to me. I reply on my blog, but for anyone that has their email showing on their Blogger profile their email is associated with the email of their comment. If I want to I could hit reply on the email notification and reply to a comment that way.


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