Friday, May 6, 2011

Heads Up! Headband Highlights...

{Ya, that title is me trying to be witty... I think I may have failed... :)}

It's been a while since I participated, so I am linking to these two ladies:


I know I said I'd have pics up a few days ago but something went weird with me (not that I'm not weird enough already) and I couldn't really use my arms because they were numb. Ya, glad that's passed!

All is well now, and I've been successful in creating a few more headbands. Definitely not enough to take up Becky's offer to use her table space as they are mostly proto-types right now, but it's an endeavour I've been enjoying, so it's not a complete waste of time :)

Group shot:

And here's some closer-ups:

I really like the first one (purple/green/yellow) because it's unique, and I think it stands well enough on it's own merit that it doesn't need flowers. As far as the general public though, I can see something like the fourth (with the interchangeable flowers) as being a good seller, especially with a neutral band and very different flowers (rather than the matchy/coordinated ones I did here) because then it can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Which ones do you like best? Got any colour combo suggestions?

P.S. The only progress made for Not Quite a Square a Day so far are these headbands. I am hoping this weekend with prove more productive. you know, seeing as it is Mom's Day on Sunday, and I should be able to get out of housework/cooking/entertaining anyone but myself for the day:)

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  1. YAY, these are so fun! I LOVE the one that's the flower with the button in the middle. So awesome!

  2. Thanks Tami! I want to try more of the interchangeable flowers and see what happens!!

  3. I like the Mardi Gras colors in the 2nd one!

  4. Hello! I love the last one - wonderful colours!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving so happy comment!
    Sunny weekend to you! Teje

  5. I love these!! My daughter would want one of each lol..really cute!!

  6. All the different variations you've made are so fantastic! And having just made a headband, I can see how they'd be addictive to make---fun, and so cute.

    I share your love of the purple/green/yellow headband, the colours are amazing and the braided look really is cool and unique.

    I hope you do get some serious crafting time in on Mother's Day. :D

  7. Thank you for all the lovely comments:) I've got a couple more done with bold/bright colours and some random "reach-in-and-grab" colours to test a new idea I had. Hopefully be able to show you all real soon!

  8. I am really into the chocolate brown and pink combinations lately...I love ALL of your combos, especially the 3rd to last and 2nd to last. The neutral that can have several flowers is a super great idea!!!

  9. The flower headbands are super cute. Hard to go wrong with flowers, I say.

  10. Thanks so much. I definitely prefer the flowers too! There has been more in the works that I will hopefully be posting soon:)


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