Friday, April 22, 2011

A to Z blog Challenge... "S"

S is for Sweetie Bug Creations

Sweetie Bug Creations was created by my friend Becky. She makes adorable hair clips and tutus. Here's a pic of my little all dolled up in her Sweetie Bug Tutu:

{yep, she's not as miserable as she looks!!}

There's also a matching hair clip. These things are awesome- the Parasite has almost no hair, but this clipped in and stayed in, even with her rolling her head all over the place!!

Becky also does CUSTOM colour combinations for both her tutus AND hair clips. She makes the cutest fairy/princess wands, and her satin flowers are made by her too!! There's even options for birthday party packages!

This is the set my daughter has... it goes with everything:

This is her daughter all dolled up in her "Fluffy Chick" Tutu (I LOVE The names she has come up for these!!):

Sweetie Bug Creations is also expanding very soon :) She will be offering BOWTIES for little men, tagged blankets for little ones and even pacifier/toy clips. Oh, and she has very reasonable prices for how detailed she does her work!

Sweetie Bug Creations can be found on Blogspot if you want to keep up with Becky's going-ons and on Facebook if you would like to view her inventory or place an order.

Go have a look, I wouldn't recommend her if I didn't LOVE her stuff!!!

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