Thursday, April 21, 2011

A to Z blog Challenge... "R"

R is for RIDICULOUS. (no happy rainbows on this one... it doesn't suit...)

It's ridiculous how little gets done when you have Littles around.

Unfortunately for me, one Little will be leaving far too soon :( I was looking forward to having my niece around this summer and all the fun we could have out and about while her and her big cousin played their days away... but it's not to be...

R is for RIDICULOUS people. Cuz even though there is still some time left, it's ridiculously little.

Ridiculous that in just a tiny while I will go from seeing my sister, Brother-in-law and niece four days a week GUARANTEED... that I will only get to see them once a year (my family does a get-together every year in May)...

It's ridiculous that the Big Global Company that bought out the Tiny Family Company we were working for so they could EXPAND their territory is now CLOSING DOWN the facility and moving it to a previously established area... (because it's gonna save them $$$ MiLLioNS $$$ apparently...).

Yes, people, this is ridiculous... Somehow over the next month or two while I still have an extra Little coming over four days a week, I am not going to care just how ridiculous it is the my laundry is piling up, that I don't have time for blogging (see here, here and here), or that I am not sleeping well.

R is for the ridiculous realization the there is not enough relevant time to do all that needs to be done.

~Claire~ (ya people, I meant NO rainbows today!)


  1. Awe, don't worry hun, we'll be visiting a lot more than the once a year:) Van is only 4 hours away, and an extra 1.5 hours with the ferry from Vic. Plus, it's a much nicer drive than to PG ;) We could even do the half way thing, and the plan was an aquarium trip too, right? So we will see ya then too!

  2. Ah... Just me being melodramatic I suppose. It just kinda *hit* me today after you left... probably because of the ridiculous amounts of hilarity that were going on throughout the day with the girls:)

  3. Yup, I've been going through it today too:( Today was "How can we do this?" day! When I think of the logistics I wanna cry, or sob, or something like it, lol;)


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