Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A to Z blog Challenge... "P" (part 2)

P is for Posies.

A pocketful of posies, to be precise... potentially of the perennial variety (depending if they end up in the wash or not... flowers do NOT hold up when being washed/dried in the machines, just so you know!!!!).

Soooo... here's a couple pics of all the flowers I've been making lately:

Definitely want to get some more made. I have a friend who makes hair clips (I did a spiel on her HERE), and I'd love to make up a batch for her to use. I just have to settle on what pattern and yarn and size looks best!

The last pic up there is of a headband and interchangeable flowers I thought up all by myself. Yep, my original creation. Instead of buttoning on, they just slide on. Hence, the weird looking flowers from the first pic that have a piece running through the centre instead of having a hole. Ya, I know, it's kinda genius, feel free to tell your friends about me!!! :)

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  1. Love them! Soooo pretty! My Mom was saying she would probably crochet a few flowers for me as make into clippies or something...If you and I ever get "spare time" to work on our projects we'd be over powered by our creations! :)

  2. Could you imagine?? It would be wonderful and insane all at the same time! It's hard when you have 6000 ideas and no time to try any of them :(


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