Saturday, April 16, 2011

A to Z blog Challenge... "N"

N was almost for NEXT, as in Next week I'll start posting again...
We got busy in the kitchen today soo....

N is for NUISANCE. {And no, this is not rainbow-fied today, but you'll forgive me considering today's subject matter...}

Because making these guys:

is just that, a NUISANCE. 

I had such a hard time getting their jackets on. If I wasn't getting chocolate all over the side of the head, then the "v" was cocked off to one side or the other...

But, it was fun. Small Child got to help:

And I made some "ladies" for all those men to swoon over laugh at... as if making the tux wasn't bad enough, I just had to go and try and put peeps in bikinis:

SO worth it though, because these taste AWESOME... well, as awesome as peeps have ever tasted, seeing as I don't like them!!! I guess I should cover more things in chocolate... or not... this baby belly is really not an attractive sight!

PS- This idea came from the blogersphere... I wanna say Make and Takes, but I;m not sure.... Maybe Marni from Sassy Sites??? If you NEED to know, I can google it... it's out there somewhere...

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  1. AWESOME!!!!! YEAH!!!! PEEPS IN CHOCOLATELY AWESOMENESS!!!!!! WHY AM I SCREAMING???? Oh yeah, cuz it just sounds so GREAT!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I can only imagine what a nuisance making those would be! Back in the fall, I made some multicoloured owl chocolates for my mom's birthday, and it was so much more difficult than anticipated to get all the little details in the right place and right shape.

    Your dressy bunnies are totally worth the nuisance, though, they look amazing!

  3. Julie-
    (I'm screaming because I don't want to eat them all myself, and NEED you to take some!!)

  4. PEEPS in chocolate--oh my gosh you've given us the perfect food!

    This is brilliant, and so nicely done. No way I'd have the patience you do. My kitchen, it'd be carnage. Little headless pink bunnies and chocolate melt and me, weeping in a corner.

    Not unlike the Santa Ho-Ho fiasco of '89.

    We do not speak of it now.

    Nicely done!

    o: One riddle, one writer, one answer

  5. A nuisance very sweet, I love chocolate.


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