Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A to Z blog Challenge... "J"

J is for Jewelry

I've been browsing the internets, and have come across a few interesting crocheted jewelry pieces that I really like.

{from Etsy seller btosun
wow! I now endeavour to make something this detailed and beautiful

{from etsy seller Jewlz}
love the detail in that flower!
{from Craftstylish} this one comes with a how-to!
I like that it's simple enough that I could actually make it!
{from lindamade}
This is actually what inspired this post. I was looking for tiny crochet flowers so I could make special earrings for my daughter, and found this... which just happens to be from the author of "Little Crochet", which is a book I've been interested in buying. I had no idea she had a blog. Yay!

Anyone else know of any interesting crochet blogs? I would definitely like to add a few more to my reading list if you have any suggestions:) 

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  1. There are tons of great crochet blogs that I follow. A good place to start would be at http://i-crochet.blogspot.com/ and start networking from there!

    Hope you find some of the great ones out there!

  2. Hey Claire ~~ nice to meet you . I'm swinging by from the A~Z Challenge . I also love crochet work but I have neglected it over the years . I don't really know when I'll get back to it because of time constraints .
    Anyway , happy J~Day !! And keep on crocheting up a storm !!!



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