Friday, April 8, 2011

A to Z blog Challenge... "G"

G is for GONE.

Because that is where today is: GONE.

Don't know where it went, but if you happen to see it, please return it to me.

G is also for GOOD GOLLY!!!

Because while today was off entertaining itself elsewhere, THIS:
somehow managed to find it's way to the middle of my livingroom floor. {Don't ask me... because I most certainly would NOT tell you that this is a regular occurrence in my house... because it's not... well, not often... well... ah, screw it!}

And after loading that photo, I also realize G is for GRATEFUL.

Because I am REALLY REALLY grateful that none of our underpants are showing in that photo!

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  1. Claire,

    I loved this post! It was a rainbow come to call after dark, and that's pretty rare. Oh my gosh, you made me laugh!

    Thanks for that.

    And you know, I saw that pile of clothing, and it reminded me of Charlie Brown and autumn leaves. All you're lacking is some kid to come running and dive in.

    Hope your weekend is good.

    h: Here & Hereafter

  2. That kid would likely be Cailie;)

  3. Ya, when I was on mat leave I never could get around to folding all the socks, and she was ALWAYS in that basket!! I DID have Mickey do somersaults onto the pile though :)


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