Sunday, April 3, 2011

A to Z blog Challenge... "B"

B is for BABY

I was having a bit of a dilemma today choosing what topic to write about. After some deliberation, it came down to blanket, blogging and baby. Blanket seemed too specific, even though I have made quite a few blankets, I've written about all of them before. Blogging was winning, but seeing as I have been busy with the family and housework all day, I am down to the crunch writing this, and would not have time to give proper credit in regards to contacting each blogger and then writing decent content, and not just a list of "I like these blogs." Although, having thought of it just now, I very well might so that for F-avourites or L-ikes or I-nteresting!

Now, onto the subject at hand, BABIES. Easy topic.

1. I have a Baby:

2. I have had a Baby in the past:

3. I like making Baby Blankets:

4. I actually like talking to The Parasite in Baby talk. Not to be mistaken with the "cooing and caaing" portion, but rather the way a person automatically speaks higher and softer when talking to a baby. I also like coming up with new nicknames for her, especially as I have a bit of a challenge in doing because I feel the need to not use the same nickname for both girls. 

So that's what I've got for Baby. Hopefully I can come up with something more compelling to write for tomorrow's "C" challenge... 

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  1. Awww, I love chubby baby pictures. Those cheeks are so nummy.

  2. How cute! I can't wait to have babies, lol.
    Those are really nice patterns.
    Social Science Medley

  3. And you've a beautiful baby at that! I remember when mine were that small. It goes so, so fast.

    Keep snapping those photos, Claire. Any moment worth remembering is worth remembering well.

    Dead Reckoning


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