Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ugly to Wonderful

Sorry for the lame title. I promise to work on that in the future. For now, my brain is still fuzzy with all things baby. Can you blame me?
{yep, I caught a smile!}
I think not. 

Okay, back on topic. 

I picked up these 2 pieces of "artwork" up at a garage sale for 50cents each. I LOVED the detail on the frames, did NOT love the contents or the finish.

So I 

1.took them outside (NO spray paint in the house... eww!)
2. ripped the staples holding the backing off
3. folded the staples holding the artwork and glass out of the way, and removed all the contents
4. and then spray painted it with Krylon (I think the colour is watermelon)

After ripping it all apart, I brought it inside to
5. give it a roughing up with a sanding block
6. and made sure I wiped away any little gritty bits left from sanding. 
7. Then I got my super-awesome helper to paint one frame while I worked on the other. We just used some black and silver acrylic paints. 
8. And then our frames were finished. See all that pretty detailing. NOW you can see why I loved these frames so much.

Then after a long time humming and hawing over what to put back IN the frames, I turned to the simplest thing I could think of: SCRAPBOOK PAPER.

So I pawed through my massive stash until I found something pretty enough, cut it to fit and VOILA:
{don't you LOVE my tables. I am hoping to remake them this summer}

Perfect little bits of colour to add to my daughters room.

Or so I thought... but I have a confession...

I finished these in JUNE....

It is now MARCH....

And I still haven't hung them up in her room... 

They are just laying on the shelf waiting....


PS... I AM PROBABLY GOING TO LINK THIS UP TO Sassy Sites's Trash to Treasure Tuesday...

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