Thursday, March 17, 2011

Family Toques

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{"PS" works as pre-script as well...right?}

So I continuously find myself crocheting toques. I find it enjoyable to be able to sit down and finish a project in one sitting. I find it even more enjoyable to crochet something I know is going to get used- even if it is because I refuse to buy any from the store :)

So a couple weeks ago I set out to make Hubby a toque, because the poor boy only had one other toque I had made him :( As I was finishing up, I realized I had enough of the yarn left to make a smaller toque... a Small Child sized toque... which would tickle her pink... so I did! And as I was finishing that one, I realized it needed a little "something-something" so I went digging through my yarn stash. While there, I realized one of the possibilities was from a toque I had made myself...

And THEN... I had an epiphany.... (which is extremely rare, I tell ya!)

I COULD MAKE US A FAMILY OF COMPLIMENTARY TOQUES!! Cuz how absolutely awesome (in an absolutely corny way) would that be?!

Here's the results:

Hubby's {closest to the true colour}. He refused to let me add any of the complimentary yarn :(
 Mine {a very nice multi-brown.}
 The girls's.

I, unfortunately, haven't been able to get a photo of us all wearing them yet... That fourth member of our family just hasn't allowed us to settle a routine yet, but she's cute so I let her get away with it :)

ETA: (totally didn't realize I had already used this pic in the previous post)
so I decided to add this pic to make amends, but mostly cuz I can't help myself...
and look, it has 3 things that made me smile today :)

Anyways... all the toques are standard double crochet beanies... 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 stitches in each round respectively, until your circles diameter is equal to your desired circumference/pi (3.14... though I usually use 3.25 to make the math easy). The baby one starts with 10 stitches, then 20, 30, 40 respectively. 

I think these will be the last for this season. I am going to have to start working on headbands for the summer instead... maybe even start on the blanket for myself so it will be done by next winter... If that cute little parasite gives me the time...

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  1. What a little smiler. I'm not usually one for matching outfits, but yours are more complimentary than matching. It really works.

    By the way I'm having a giveaway to help raise money for Japan. I'd be really grateful if you have a look and see if you want to help:

  2. Nicely coordinated! Precious baby. ;-)

  3. What a sweet baby! My first thought with the matching hats was "What a great holiday card that would make!"

  4. Thanks gals :)
    I want to get a family pic done with all of wearing them, but once babe was born, all our snow disappeared and hasn't come back :(

  5. Adorable-(the baby!!) Hats are cute too!! Had to follow a fellow Claire-come over to visit too!

  6. What a cutie pie! I hope to make hats like that for my guys, but so far, they claim they won't wear them. We'll see. lol Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - I do think I look younger, but am crediting the chafing "primer" and the KollagenX masks I'm finding at TJ Maxx! lol

  7. "Cute little parasite," ha ha ha! Adorable!

  8. Adorable! I love the brown hat the most!

  9. I love the hats and I second the holiday card photo idea!

  10. Cute little one. I like that the hats compliment rather than straight up match

  11. Love them, Claire! I so wish that I could crochet! I did manage to make the boys matching camo touques this year (on my knitting loom) and surprised myself with how well they turned out!


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