Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's made BY a kid

Luckily, Small Child is crafty, so I don't have to resort to boxed cards, nor do I have to make them myself!

But she's still only 5 and needs something she can do by herself.


Is NOT something to "leave" a 5-y-o to do by herself. Why?

This main piece:
Just happens to have 54 little itty bitty pieces to punch out. With 24 of these hearts in the box, that's 1296 little itty bitty pieces in total. Not that she couldn't have done it... it just would have taken 3 days! Next time I'll look at the box just a little closer!!

So after spending an hour removing said little itty bitty pieces (okay, that's the last time I will write that!), I tied the pieces together and let her go at them.

The best way to make this Small Child friendly? DO NOT GIVE THEM THE INCLUDED GLITTER GLUE!!! Give them a couple packages of stickers instead. Even better if you let them pick what stickers they are going to use! We used a general valentine pack, and a Mickey Mouse pack, and she went to town:

And created some masterpieces she is certainly proud of :

(and her mommy can be too!)

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  1. Claire, thanks so much for the tips on my "First Crochet Hat" post on my blog. So helpful! I made a fingerless glove last night and I'm getting better and better. Thanks again!


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