Thursday, February 10, 2011

i'm so crafty...

I have seen this image floating around on a few blogs, and completely fell in love with it.

I DID edit the original colour. Just so you know!

And so, I now have 22 days left of this pregnancy!! I am finally getting excited, and am THIS CLOSE to having everything ready. I will admit that I have done nothing "crafty" for baby, partially because she will be in the bedroom with us, and partially because I am hesitant to crochet anything just in case she comes out as a he.

I did do some crocheting about a month ago for a friends baby girl, but completely forgot to take pictures. Thank you pregnancy brain!! I will be glad to see you gone!

I do have a few things coming up for Small Child's birthday and I am slowly working on getting the post done of the blanket I just finished for Hubby. I really thought being off on maternity leave was going to allow me to get doing more crafty things and focus on blogging more, but I have been spending all my extra time trying to get the house back into shape and all the baby stuff sorted and organized!

And because I feel that a post is not a post without pictures, here is a crappy webcam picture of me from today:

Which reminds me, one of my "to do" items is to make some interchangeable flowers for that hat I am wearing. I guess I should go browse blogland for some ideas now!

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