Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Editing and "Beautifying"

So, I had this for a header and button:

While I liked them originally, and had spent a long time working on them, it just wasn't as "me" as I would like.

See, I kinda have this thing with rainbows. I also have a very hard time sticking to ONE idea. So, I've decided to change to this:

I even created a little siggy picture too:

All these are super simple to make using, as long as you don't want anything too fancy. I am sure something like Photoshop would work well if you are computer literate/ tech savvy and want something a little more "fancy". The hardest part I had was adjusting the header size so it would fit my blog template.

Getting them loaded and functional on the blog was a lot harder because I don't do code. At all. In fact, I NEVER would have had a button, or a custom siggy if it weren't for Nina over at Momma Go Round. She has an incredible series called "Beautify Your Blog" where she offers FREE tutorials on how to do everything from Creating a Custom Header (wish I this tute a year ago when I started blogging!) to Adding Fonts and Post Signatures.

So now, I have all these new goodies, and am starting to see why so many people have these big, elaborate blogs full of extras- they're FUN!!!

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