Sunday, February 20, 2011

A bit about ME

I love the crafty bloggers out there that can so easily incorporate the right amount of "themselves" into their blogs without it being TMI! I am still trying to find my voice, and the balance between sharing the crafty, and being personable at the same time! Hopefully it won't take TOO long!

*ETA* Totally kizmit that I created this post a couple days ago, and then today I see Sassy Sites has created a link party for NEW blogs so that we can all go out and make some new friends. YAY!


{P.S. Trying to take a flattering picture of yourself when you are 
38.5 weeks pregnant is NOT an easy thing to do!}

My name is Claire. My daytime job is as a production grunt- everything from operating machines to shipping/receiving to first aid and everything in between- basically I am the workplace bitch! I am currently on maternity/parental leave for all of 2011! YAY!!!!

For the purpose of semi-anonymity in blog-land I refer to my Hubby as that or "Hubs." My older daughter was born in 2005, and is "Small Child" and I have a bun in the oven due March 2011 that I call "The Parasite."

I like to do a LOT of different things, and am the master of none. I think I have CADD (creative attention deficit disorder :) My longest sustained "hobby"" is crocheting, I've been doing it since I was 7 or so. I also like card-making and scrap-booking, have dabbled in embroidery and sewing, and am slowly learning to be a better cook. Small Child also likes doing artsy/crafty things, so I try to do things with her, and give her access to new activities whenever I can.

My family also LOVES animals. My husband and I had a business breeding and selling reptiles before Small Child was born. We currently have one cat, one dog, two snakes, three birds and one tarantula! We also had chickens and turkeys until a few months ago when a family of raccoons decided that they were hungry! :(

{P.S. I LOVE RAINBOWS... is it obvious??!!)

I started blogging in January 2010. In November I decided to separate my "crafty" items from the more "personal" aspects of my former blog- and therefore Claire Gets Crafty was born. I really like blogging, but I also didn't realize how much time it takes to have one of those blogs! It takes me HOURS to compose even the simplest post! I can't imagine posting EVERY week day like those blogs suggest... CRAZY! I follow blogs like TIP JUNKIETHE GIRL CREATIVE and CRAFTAHOLICS ANONYMOUS, that have THOUSANDS of followers, and I therefore definitely struggle with the "I want to be like X blog" syndrome!!

Well, I don't think there's too much more you'd need (or want) to know about me, but feel free to ask if you do!!! I LOVE getting comments on my little blog! I'm learning a lot about replying to comments, and that a "blogger" should really try to reply to EVERY comment when you have a small blog, either via email or a comment back on the other person's blog, and I really do try to do that! I think it's a nice gesture and a way to show interest in this whole huge space that is blog-land! See you around!

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  1. Hi Claire! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! Just wanted to wish you all the best with your adorable blog as well. Your little one is adorable and love that she is so crafty like her mama. And congrats on your pregnancy!


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