Monday, January 31, 2011

The "Woe is Me" Compilation


I realized today that after spending half of my life (okay, maybe the last year or so...) working on this blanket and thinking it was done, that I was wrong.

So very, very wrong....

I never thought to lay it out and inspect it as I was working on it. Not even once.

See all that wobbly edged nastiness? Ya, it's kind of hard to miss... And there is NO WAY I can possibly GIVE this to someone and be happy with it, or myself. Especially when that someone is Hubby.

So, after I tuck Small Child into bed tonight, I will be ripping apart this monstrosity:

And then working my ASS OFF in order for him to have it for his birthday next weekend.

No, it's not going to be the "solid" blanket he wants, because that has been a huge failure for me. Instead, I am going to suck up the pride that makes me want to make him a "perfect" blanket, and instead hust GET IT DONE, granny-square style.

Wish me luck... I shall have sore hands and eyes for many days to come.

Originally from 10/24/10

Do you know the hardest thing about tearing out a blanket and re-doing it....

It's realizing you were THIS CLOSE to having it right the first time...

I knew it already, I had too many stitches in the corners... but actually making in essence the EXACT SAME blanket as you are tearing apart is really hard.

The man is lucky I love him. I may never be able to crochet again after this.

PS The second hardest thing is STAYING on task. I have about 8 billion other "Things" I want to do right now. Or that I need to be doing (but those ones are easy to ignore!)

PSS I am really really REALLY lucky that Small Child is mostly occupied making her Daddy a birthday present too, so I am guilt-free in crocheting for endless hours today.

(11/16/10... as you see, I did NOT get it done in the week I had to do it... Nor was it done this week...)

And so today I decided to continue to forge ahead. Put on some music, unwind some from the old blanket and get going.


I started ripping out the NEW blanket!!!!!!!!!

Luckily it was only about 2 feet of stitches, and I caught myself before I went too far... but damn!! This thing is going to be the end of me!!!!!!!!!!


I walked into the house today to another of Cash's anxiety-induced tear-the-house-apart adventures.

Insert BIG FROWNING FACE, ANGRY SCREAMING FACE and a LOT of words spelled using !, @, #, $ and *....

He decided to pull the Woe is Me blanket off of my office chair (which was pushed under the desk, mind you...), out of it's bag, and have a heyday with it...

Luckily, it doesn't look TOO bad. I think he was laying on it rather than chewing it, so the yarn itself is intact... unfortunately, I am kinda allergic too him, so I am going to have a VERY hard time working on it, because it's covered in hair, and completely impossible for it to be put in the wash!!! ACK!


The Hubs is lucky that I love him...

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