Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sick Day/Snowflake Day

(This is one of those posts I couldn't finish due to lack of pictures. The real date was actually some time in mid-December, not Jan16 when it's actually scheduled to be posted. Which is completely ironic, because today, the real today, she is home sick anyways!!)

 So, Small Child was up throughout the night last night vomiting.

*Ya... that's definitely the first line I should write on my crafting blog... *

Which meant today was a sick day, stay home with Mama day, cuddle and do nothing day.
Have you ever tried to do nothing all day with a five year old? Don't do it unless you really want to test out your parenting skills. So very not awesome.

So I decided paper snowflakes (and a very lengthy You Tube playlist) were just the thing.

I used this paper folding technique at first... I am anal, and this produces a symmetrical 6 pointed snowflake. It proved too difficult for S.C. to cut though. Well, it was pretty hard for me to get much detail either!!

So I went searching for something simpler and found this technique instead. Much easier to cut. And boy, did she we ever. Here's the pile after an hour:

Which doesn't look amazing, but consists of no less than 50 snowflakes.

I realized that the folding needs to be done ahead of time though. She was cutting them up faster than I could get them folded. And it totally brings back memories of being a kid and being content to sit and cut these things for ever. Since when are kids not content to be still anymore??

Anyway, here's the mess we Small Child generated:

And this was with both of us cutting over the table, I had no idea until she dropped her scissors and I went to grab them that that much paper had ended up on the floor!

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