Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rainbow Garland... aka How I Wasted Many Hours of My Life

Well, pics first, cuz I am going to do a lot of blabbing about this one:

So, Christmas with a 5-year-old would not be complete without the making of paper-chain garland, right?! Right!

And so I faithfully set about doing just that.

Only me being me, I couldn't just grab a stack of construction paper and a stapler and go at it... no, not I... I would have to test it out first, check to see what the ideal paper strip length and thickness was... and while I was testing, I might as well make a chain of garland that I would actually use after.

So the first hour was spent sorting through stacks of paper, searching for the right combo... and I couldn't pick something easy like "blue" or "traditional christmas" or "this section from this pre-co-ordinated package"... No, I couldn't. I had to do a rainbow. {One hour}

Cuz I rock the rainbow thing. It's my thing, ya know :)

And then the next hour was spent cutting 11 pieces of 6x12 papers into 1x6 strips... on my paper cutter, because that would be faster than doing it by hand, right?! So I thought... and about 3/4 of the way through I realized my blade was dull... and Michael's closes at 9, and there's no way I was getting there in time... oh well... keep on cutting... {Two hours}

AND THEN.... there's the gluing and wrapping... and gluing and wrapping... and gluing and wrapping... let's say, that is one mind numbingly boring task. {Three hours}

So, I finish that up, and today I decided to cut the other half of the papers... {Three and a half}

This time I was smart and used a straight edge and blade. Only I had to spend another 1/2 hour searching for a straight edge... {Four}

Then more gluing and wrapping... gluing and wrapping... etc etc ETC!!!! {5}

But, I think in the end it was worth it anyway...

At least my daughter, the "substitute festivus tree" thought so:

And I had to be the tree too:

I am happy with the end result... There's a good 30 feet of garland there... quite possibly more, but I can't measure it right now... (I kind of tore my living room apart today re-arranging furniture and I don't have a 20 foot run of clear space right now)... let's just say my daughter is on her own making hers...

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