Sunday, January 23, 2011


I made a button... I made a button! I MADE A BUTTON!

And then I made it grab-able!!! (You can see it over there ----> at the top of my sidebar!)

Can you tell that it excites me? I've tried before, and NEVER succeeded, but this button-making tutorial, and a lot of time on my part (I had some floating text that I had to delete), I finally did it!

And when it wouldn't center above the text box, I used this tutorial on centering gadgets, and voila, perfect!

All of this is thanks to Nina at Momma Go Round and her Beautify Your Blog Series.

The best part? Not only is she offering all of these tutorials for free, but she personally emailed me when I had problems, offering to do what she could to help! How awesome is that? SO AWESOME!!!

I am definitely looking forward to adding a signature next! (and waiting for more tutorials that I want to use!!)

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