Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Claire Gets Baking...

Which, like my cooking, has a 50% failure rate.

But, no risk, no gain, so I continue to fart around in the kitchen, trying to master something, anything, edible, and good enough that people may actually want to come back for more.

It's a lofty dream for me.

(PS I also quite regularly try to burn the house down while in the kitchen... you know, just so that hubby has an excuse to feel lucky to be alive....)

This year, I decided to make consumables for Xmas. Things people can actually use or eat. No "holiday" themed gifts, none of those bath sets that people just end up leaving on their bathroom counter as decoration (you know who you are!), no buying things just because I felt obliged to give something.

I managed Banana Bread, Santa Poop/Donkey Drops/Haystacks/No-bakes/Boiled Chocolate Cookies (There are SO MANY names for those cookies, it's insane!!!), Sugar Cookies, and EggNog Cupcakes. I did these things because they are easy, inexpensive and everyone I know likes at least one of them. And I had made them all before, so the chances of having a spectacular failure or burning down my kitchen while making them was slight!

The Banana Bread was AWESOME! Even I couldn't stop eating it, and I am not a BB kinda gal.

The Santa Poop (in the off-season my fam has always called these Donkey Drops), was typical. I always up the cocoa in the recipe, NEVER use peanut butter, and ALWAYS add coconut.

Sugar Cookies are sugar cookies. Kinda hard to screw those up. I ALWAYS double or triple the vanilla called for though!!! And make a vanilla icing for them, none of that royal icing crap... ew. I did the roll-out-before-you-refridgerate thing this year and it works WAY better than trying to roll out a big ball of cold dough, and it chills WAY faster too.

The EggNog cupcakes are my bastardized vanilla cupcake. I LOVE THESE and can easily eat an entire batch to myself. Ya, I love me some nutmegy/cinnamony/eggy/sugary goodness. All I do is substitute eggnog for the milk and eggs in the recipe. (1 egg = 2tbsps)

Sadly, all of these items were consumed before I took pictures. Even more sad was the fact that I... um, I mean, the baby :) was the one doing 80% of the consuming... although, I only gained 4 lbs the whole month, versus 12 the month before, so I am NOT going to complain!

And after writing this post... I want to go make more cookies... bye!

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