Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crocheted Toques/Beanies

It's been about a month since I went on a bender and made a ton of hats to sell at a flea market... and since have not gone to sell anything...

This is what I'd been up too:
 Unknown eyelash+acrylic held together. Just a simple dc toque/beanie.
 Used THIS for inspiration after making a few hats according to the actual pattern.
 The twirling didn't show up so well, because I was holding two strands.
Made of some super soft acrylic mill end.
 This is made from Sean Sheep Wooloomooloo. Love it, it's all sprakly. Basic basketweave pattern, available anywhere.
 Basic dc toque/beanie. Have no idea what yarn it's made from cuz I bought it last winter! The shell edging is made of Bernat satin, and I came up with it on my own.
 Kids hat and scraft using that unknown mill end again, and a shell pattern. Basic idea HERE.
 PATTERN idea. Unknown yarn, bought it 2 years ago when my neice was born. I need to make her some toques for this winter!
 Basic dc toque/beanie. Made with a ball of some dollar store yarn.
 Basic dc toque/beanie. Made with some more dollar store eyelash yarn+acrylic held together.
Same yarn that's too old to remember and a shell stitch idea I picked up HERE.

And I have SO many more to make!

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