Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Finished a Baby Blanket

LOOK LOOK LOOK at what I did:
It's a blanket for the bun I have in the oven. Crocheted 3 panels of a 2-wide Spider Stitch, with a dc border around each panel. Sc'd the panels together the way I thought I had seen it done here. Only I joined the INSIDE stitches together!! Turns out, if I had have done it her way, I wouldn't have gotten the look I wanted, so no worries in the end! Then to finish it all off, I did a round of sc all around, and then decided to add a picot edge.

The colour is better in the next pic, and you can see the detail a bit better:
I love love love how it turned out. I love the very bright, gender-neutral colour, I love the Spider Stitch and I love the picot edging. Definitely one of my favourite finished pieces yet.

OH, and I am linking up to this:
The Girl Creative
to boot.

Yay for me, this is the first linky thingy I've done! I hope it works right!!

(OH GOLLY I need to work on taking better pictures!!)

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  1. SO pretty! I love the color!

    The spiderweb on the diagonal is so pretty, and I'm always a fan of picot edging.

    You do beautiful work!


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