Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dry Erase Picture Frame

A craft that isn't crochet... strange!

First, I sanded a picture frame (I purchased a 2-pack at the thrift store for a couple bucks), and wiped it clean with an old rag.
Next, I ripped up a big pile of paper strips. I just used some scraps that were already in my bin, and saved myself finding the "right" papers to use. They vary in width, and I used a straight edge to tear them so they didn't get too wonky!

Then I wrapped the strips around the frame. I used the pencil to roll everything flat as I went. I just used regular kids bottled white glue, cuz I am cheap and don't want to pay $8 a bottle for mod-podge!

Then I added a torn paper flower with a layered button centre, and tada! A nice, unique frame instead of that drab, fake mahogany and metal thing it was before.

At this stage, there's two options really.

1. Place the glass back in then a piece of solid-coloured or white paper, and attach the back again. Use the glass front to jot down notes and messages, and the dry-erase ink wipes clear off!


2. Place the glass back in with a photo, and you have a nice, pretty photo frame instead!

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